Green hydrogen fuel

How green hydrogen fuel will change the world economy ?

The entire world economy is about to change due to green hydrogen fuel. We have started getting signs of this as well. Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, has begun to mold its economy according to green hydrogen fuel. According to media reports, a city based on green hydrogen is coming to Saudi Arabia.

In addition, countries and institutions around the world are continuously investing in green hydrogen. Experts believe that the coming time is of green hydrogen. The importance of green hydrogen is going to increase even more in the coming times. Now some experts have started saying about green hydrogen that this fuel is not of the future but of the present. We have to base our economy on green hydrogen as quickly as possible. So that we can save nature and environment.

Institutions around the world are constantly trying to increase the production of green hydrogen. In such a situation, experts are saying that the world economy is going to change completely due to green hydrogen. The country which will be successful in arranging green hydrogen hydrogen. He can prove to be the new king of the world.

Green hydrogen will completely change the world economy. Keeping this in mind, countries like the US, Saudi Arabia, India and the European Union have decided to invest huge amounts in green hydrogen.

Countries around the world want to make the economy based on green hydrogen

Countries around the world have decided to make the economy here completely based on hydrogen. This includes countries like America, India, Saudi Arabia, European Union, China. The United States wants to establish a completely carbon-free economy by 2050. For this, the US has decided to invest $ 1.7 trillion in the economy. This investment is going to be mostly in the area of ​​green hydrogen.

Let us tell you for the information that currently the production of green hydrogen is decreasing all over the world. Most green hydrogen production is at its lowest level. It must be increased further in the world. The same European Union has also decided to invest $ 1 trillion in the field of green hydrogen. If we talk about Saudi Arabia, then the economy there is completely based on natural oil. Now Saudi Arabia wants to change this. Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in green hydrogen. Saudi Arabia wants to make its economy based on green hydrogen by the year 2030. For this, Saudi Arabia has also developed a city based on green hydrogen and renewable energy. It has been decided to keep it completely carbon free. However, it will be interesting to see how successful Saudi Arabia will be in this. If Saudi Arabia succeeds in establishing a green hydrogen-based city, it could prove to be a role model in the region for the world.

India has also decided to step into the field of green hydrogen. Recently, it was reported in the media that NTPC is going to operate a hydrogen fuel based bus from Delhi to Jaipur. This will be a pilot project. Which will be gradually progressed later. NTPC may also decide to run a green hydrogen-based bus in the future for other cities as well.

At present, there is an emphasis on electric buses in India. Electric buses are being operated in cities such as Jaipur Delhi Chandigarh Mumbai. At the same time, hydrogen bus is currently being used in Kolkata. Kolkata is the only city in India to successfully operate hydrogen-based buses. For the first time in India, the budget for green hydrogen has been kept separately in the budget. This clearly shows that India is also fully prepared to move ahead in the field of green hydrogen.

America does not want to put its economy back in terms of green hydrogen

The US may be seen to be separated from China at this time in the case of electric buses and vehicles. But he wants to put himself ahead in Green Hydrogen. This is reflected in the talk of US President Joe Biden. Joe Biden said in one of his interviews that we want to make America’s economy completely carbon footprint-free. For this, we have set a target till 2050. In his speech, Joe Biden said that we want to invest $ 1.7 trillion in the US economy.

For information, let us know that China remains the largest market for electronic vehicles at this time. But China seems to be far behind in terms of green hydrogen. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see which among China and America is able to make their economy based on green hydrogen first?

However, China is said to be able to complete any task quickly. China has also proved this thing many times. In such a situation, China can give a tough competition to America in the field of green hydrogen. Let us tell you for information that America is currently among the largest crude oil producing countries in the world. Now the challenge before the US is to transform its economy from a crude oil based economy to a green hydrogen based economy.

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