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Hathras gang rape case, we stand with you Priyanka Gandhi

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has once again attacked Hathras gang rape. He has said that the aggrieved family need not fear. We stand by you.

Let us tell you for information that a 20-year-old girl was gang-raped in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. And then his arms and legs were broken. At the same time the reed bone of the waist was broken. After this, the victim was admitted to the hospital in Delhi. Where he died. This entire country is angry. And this statement of Priyanka Gandhi has come out.

Priyanka Gandhi has said that the Hathras family should not consider themselves alone. The whole of India stands with him. Our aim is that justice should be done to our sister. Priyanka Gandhi has said that all the rights of the family members of the gang rape victim have been crushed. This is injustice and we will fight against it.

Priyanka Gandhi has also shared a video with it. In this video that came out through the media, a child is talking to the video. Who is from the gang rape victim’s family. The child has alleged that the police have laid siege to the whole family. And is pushing to change his statement again and again.

However, the boy somehow got out of that siege and came to the main road. Where he spoke to the media. The child has said that our family is very scared. And the police administration is constantly scaring us.



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