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Hathras gang rape case, this case is more disgusting than we think, Virat Kohli

Statements of film stars and people associated with the cricket world are constantly coming out in the Hathras gang rape case. And all the people are condemning Hathras gangrape. Now the statement of India’s star batsman Virat Kohli has also come out in this matter. He tweeted that Hathras gangrape is more disgusting than thought. I hope that the criminals related to Hathras gangrape will be punished severely by law.

Let us tell you for information that a 20-year-old girl was gangraped in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. Girl went to the field to cut fodder along with her mother. Just then, 4 people of the village gang-raped her. After that, the police also did not cooperate with the girl and alleged that the girl is pretending.

The girl’s family members say that the Uttar Pradesh police did not cooperate with them at all and did not call an ambulance.

Questions are also being raised on the IPS of the same Hathras gangrape. They say that the girl has not been gang-raped. The family is alleging that we do not trust the Uttar Pradesh government and the Uttar Pradesh police. We will not get justice from here.

At the same time, all the people of the opposition including former Congress President Rahul Gandhi Priyanka Gandhi have once again questioned the law and order of Uttar Pradesh. Priyanka Gandhi said that Jungle Raj has arrived in Uttar Pradesh. And daughters are not safe here.



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