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Has a new cold war start between America and China?

The ongoing dispute between the USa and China has come to be called the Cold War. And experts are assuming that the Cold War of the 21st century has started between China and America.

Disputes between China and the United States are constantly increasing. And it is not taking the name of being short. With the recent action taken by China against America, it seems that the Cold War is also going to be long.

China hit back at America

XI jinping
XI jinping

China counterattacked the US and decided to close its consulate. China says that we have retaliated against America.

We want peace with America. But America does not want that. We once again ask America to restore peace. China retaliated by asking the US to close its consulate. It is located in the city of Chengdu, China.

When the US asked for the closure of China’s Embassy in Houston, China said it was in violation of international rules. And the US is taking unilateral action against China. We will give a befitting reply to this.

Earlier, the US had decided to close its commercial embassy in Texas, accusing China of spying. And China was instructed to evacuate the embassy within 72 hours. The US is accusing China that the embassy had become a stronghold of espionage. And China was spying on the US from the Houston Embassy in Texas. In view of this, we have taken this step.

At the same time, America has also been continuously accusing China of Coronavirus. The US says that China hid information about the coronavirus from the world. It has killed millions of people worldwide. And America has also suffered heavily.

Chinese accused of starting cold war on America

At the same time, China has been accusing America of waging a cold war. China says that the US has deliberately started a cold war against China. And America is turning the world against China.

China has instructed America to end all this. But how much truth is there in these statements of China also remains to be seen. At this time the whole world is standing united against China. In such a situation, the whole world is standing with America in the war.

US Secretary of State’s recent statement is important

If we look at the recent statements of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the Cold War, we will see that this cold war is not going to end soon. Recently US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that now we will not trust China blindly. And we are looking for ways to deal with China with our partner countries.

Mike Pompeo said that China is cheating the whole world. We came to know this only in 1979. And we knew that the Communist Party of China was not following the right path. Mike accused the Cold War of China wanting to infiltrate American society. But he does not know how strong we are. And America will give a befitting reply to China.

Dispute in America over Hong Kong over China

An important link of this Cold War is Hong Kong. Recently China has implemented a new law on autonomous Hong Kong. It is being called National Law. The US alleges that China is ending Hong Kong independence by this law.

In view of this, the United States has taken a big step against China and ended the aid and convenience given to Hong Kong. Now America is considering Hong Kong and China as one. And is also discontinuing the modern technologies offered to him.

The US says that China is backing on its promise. And it has imposed strict restrictions on Hong Kong. In such a situation, we have to take action against China. The same Europe also seems to be mobilizing against China. In such a situation, the difficulties for China may increase even more in the coming days. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how this cold war takes a turn in the coming times. It will be interesting to see.

America accuses China of stealing technology

America’s Donald Trump administration is no longer in a mood to spare China under any circumstances. The US has been continuously accusing China of technologically cheating.

America says that China is stealing its technology. And the US is losing billions of dollars every year. In such a situation, now we have to take action against China.

US President Donald Trump says that all this should have been done right before. But our former national president left China. And it has caused us billions of dollars in damage. But now this will not happen. It is clear from the statement of US President Donald Trump that the relationship between China and America has reached a very dangerous level. Earlier, the dispute between the US and China in the South China Sea has increased even more. The American fighter plane was repulsed by the Chinese Army from Taiwan. In such a situation, the US has sent another bomber fighter plane to the South China Sea. Earlier, the US fighter ship is present in the South China Sea. There may be more disputes between the US and China in the coming time regarding the South China Sea.

America does not consider China as a developing country

This cold war between China and the US started with trade. The trade war that started between China and America has reached a new turning point.

Regarding the trade war, America says that China is not a developing country. If China is a developing country then we should also be put in this list. America alleges that China is earning billions of dollars from us every year. And is also harming America. In such a situation, now we have to change this situation.

Let me tell you that there is a huge trade deficit between the US and China. Every year, America suffers billions of dollars in damages due to China. And this is why Trump administration is angry with China. The Trump administration recently asked its companies Google Facebook and Apple to return to the US. At the same time, the US has banned China’s technology company Huawei. Let us know that you are the world’s leading 5G technology company.

The United States is accusing China of spying on the US through the Huawei company. It is banned.

Countries like England Australia have also taken similar steps. At the same time, due to border dispute, India can now put the hawai company in the banned list. Meanwhile, Britain has asked its telecom operators to remove Huawei company’s equipment from its network by 2027.

China’s dispute with neighboring countries is also going on

It is not that China’s dispute is only with the US. China’s border dispute is going on with India too. Apart from this, China seems to be constantly entangled with its neighboring countries like Bhutan Nepal.

The border dispute between India and China worsened when the armies of China and India came face to face. And in this, more than 40 soldiers of India were martyred. It is also clear from the recent statements made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that America is currently standing with India. The United States expressed its sorrow after 40 martyrs of India. And China was blamed for all this situation. In such a situation, what steps does China take in times to come? This is something to see.



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