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Google search will be big change, preview feature will be available for users

Google takes special care of its users. In this episode, Google has taken another step and is now launching the preview feature for its users in Google search. According to a report of 9to5, some users are seeing this feature in searching on private mode. For information, let us know that YouTube already has a preview feature called Autoplay. As soon as you search a video, its preview automatically starts playing without any sound. Now Google is also going to provide the same users for its search engine.

If you click on a link during a Google search, you will first get to see its preview. You will benefit from this preview whether your work information is present in that link or not. It is generally seen that websites start ranking on the first page of Google through spam. Google is launching this feature to get rid of it. This will save your time and the right information will reach you.

For information, let us know that Google is currently the largest search engine in the world. In June 2000, Google became the world’s largest search engine. According to an estimate, 60000 searches are done in Google every second. The same Google earns ₹ 50000 every second. Advertising is the main source of Google’s revenue. Google AdWords is available to advertise on Google. While Google AdSense program exists for the publishers. You can earn money by joining this program, as well as Google also earns as a partnership from Google Adsense and Google AdWords.

For information, let us know that at present there are about 127 companies with Google. Some of these companies have been created by Google itself. While Google has acquired many companies. Google says that we acquire companies so that we can provide more good user experience. The same small startups can provide a bigger platform.



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