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Google pay disappeared from Apple’s app store

Google’s payment app has disappeared from the iPhone’s iOS App Store on Google. For information, let us tell you more than 100 million installations of this app on Google Play Store on Google Play. It has been said by Google that this app has been removed from iOS App Store so that some of the problems coming in it To be overcome Soon Google Pay will be available for users.

Let us tell you for information that before this Google removed Paytm from its Google Play Store. Google had said that activities related to gambling are happening on the Paytm app. Which is against Google’s policy. And there was much controversy over this.

However, Paytm returned to the Google Play Store in less than 24 hours. But there is no case of policy violations here. And it has been removed by the Google team itself.

On behalf of Google, it has been said that the problems coming in the Google Pay app will be overcome by the team soon. And our team is continuously working on it. On behalf of Google, it has been said that consumers may have to face transaction failure while transacting in the app available on the already installed iOS smartphone.

But what is the problem with Google Pay on Apple App Store? Google has not said anything on this. And as well as not Google, it has not told how many users were being affected by this problem.

Now it will be interesting to see how long Google Pay app is able to return to the App Store. Let us tell you for information that even before this, companies have been automatically removing aaps from Google Play Store and App Store due to a problem. And later now become available to install back. In such a situation, it is expected that Google’s Google Pay app will also return soon.



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