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Google maps will now tell you the eco friendly route

Google has announced a new feature of Google Maps. Google has said in its announcement that you can now see the most eco-friendly route in Google Maps. This feature on Google Maps may arrive by the end of this year. Google Maps will first tell you about the routes that are environmentally sound. And good for your health. Google announced this on Tuesday.

The eco-friendly route update on Google maps will be first introduced in the United States. After this, it will be gradually launched in other countries among the world. However, you will also see alternate routes on Google Maps. Through which you can go. However, by default, Google Echo will tell you the direction of the friendly route.

To make this new feature available on Google maps, Google will be provided data by the US government. Apart from this, data will also be taken from Google’s Street View program. Google can also use satellite image for eco friendly route updates. Let me tell you for information, the largest online map in the world is Google Maps. And it dominates over 98% of the market.

If you want to un-subscribe to the eco friendly route feature on Google Maps, then you have to manually close it. Because by default you will be told eco friendly route only through Google Map. Apart from this, now you will be able to compare car bikes and public transportation in one place for your destination. Earlier, Google Map used to give different sections for these three.

If you choose an alternate route on Google Maps in addition to the eco friendly route, then Google Maps will send you a warning for this. In which health information will be available.

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