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Full movie review of class of 83

Today a very good movie has been released on Netfilix. Which is named Class of 83. Class of 83 movie length is one hour and 30 minutes. The story of the film starts with a police academy where police inspectors are prepared and there is an inspector Vijay Singh Pur around Vijay Singh, the entire class of The story of the Active 3 movie has been written.

For the information, let us know that Swara Bhaskar’s web series Flesh was released on Eros Now today. In such a situation, a tough competition can be seen in Class of 83 and Flash, both the stories have an important role of the police, it will be interesting to see who the audience likes the most.

Story of class of 83

class of 83 movie review
class of 83 movie review

Kahihani of Class of 83 revolves around a police academy. In Class of 83, an Inspector of Police Vijay Singh plays an important character.

The story of Class of 83 begins with a police academy. Where four friends are completing their training with fun. Whether it is someone’s fun flights or whether you want to answer questions from the teacher, all these four friends are at the forefront.

Twist in class of 83 comes when Vijay Singh’s entry in the lives of these four friends. Why does Vijay Singh come to the Police Academy? It will be interesting to see what twist and trance Vijay Vijay Singh brings with these four friends.

The second angle of class of 83 is also of the police underworld and Nitao. How Mumbai police get caught sight of underworld. It is shown in class of 83, will these four friends together save the Mumbai Police from the underworld or will these four friends also enter the black world of crime, you will get to see it in class of 83. And it is Netaji Con who pushes the Mumbai Police towards the underworld. It will also be interesting to see in class of 83.

The events shown in Class of 83. They are all events that happened in the past, so the story we are shown in class of 83. They are all real events. In such a situation, seeing Class of 83 will increase your interest.

Bobby Deol’s best film class of 83

Vijay Singh is played by Bobby Deol. Which is very close to reality. You don’t find Bobby Deol’s character of Vijay Singh to be at all artificial. The way to take their training you feel like a real police officer.

Bobby Deol has done as many films in his career. Among them, Class of 83 is his most brilliant film. His acting is so great that you will forget the big actors.

How is class of 83

Class of 83 movie is very good. But the class of 83 is too short. Because of which class is 83, but class of 83 makes you feel like an incomplete movie.

At the same time, the characters have not been given a chance to emerge fully. As in the Class of 83, it is completely woven around Bobby Deol. The rest of the characters do not get a chance to emerge.

At the same time, there is another drawback in the movie that you do not fully connect yourself with any character. Because no character gets a full chance to show his talent.

The biggest weakness of the Class of 83 is that apart from Bobby Deol, who is an artist, he does not have much to do.

In such a situation, the class of 83 in the direction could be improved even more.

Class of 83 rating

Overall, Class of 83 is a fantastic true-to-life story. Which can be seen once. For the information once again, let us know that you can watch Class of 83 on Netflix. If I talk about ratings, I would like to give 3 out of five stars to Class of 83.



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