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Fake TRP generate by arnab goswami news channel Republic TV Mumbai police arrest two people

Republic TV news channel has been accused of trying to manipulate the TRP. And has made TRPs magnified in a fake way. In this regard, two persons have been arrested by the Mumbai Police.

Mumbai Police has claimed that we have arrested 2 people related to Republic TV. Which used to show fake TRPs increased. Mumbai Police has alleged that these people have been called and bribed by Republic TV. And later fraudulently done in the case of TRP.

The Mumbai Police claimed that the two persons we have arrested. He is associated with news channels. The Mumbai Police has claimed that the news channels were increasing their TRPs by installing towers in a fake way. And were running their own news channel without any reason. However there was no person sitting in front of the news channel.

Let us tell you for information that to see the mathematics of TRP, there are two thousand towers in Mumbai. From whom data is collected. It is known from these towers which news channel is being watched the most. And in this, forgery has been done. However these towers are installed secretly. But now the police have to see how the news channels came to know about it.

Mumbai Police has said that we have also sent a notice to Republic TV. Mumbai Police has also claimed that in the past few days, three news channels have suspiciously increased the TRP. Although there are two more news channels, it has not been revealed though Republic TV is a big name. For the information, let us know that Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV raised a related case related to Sushant Singh Rajput death case. However, they were also questioned later. Mumbai Police has said that two persons have been arrested. He previously worked for an agency deploying tRP towers.

The Mumbai Police has alleged that there is no fraud in Republic TV for increase in address new.



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