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Everything you want to know about data science salary course and job opportunity

India has become the second largest data consumer market in the world. In such a situation, in the last few years, a lot of work has been done on data science in India. In view of this, there has been a huge increase in the demand of Data Scientists in India in the last few years. The salary package for data scientists has also seen an increase for the same reason. The demand for data science is seen in small startup companies and even big tech companies.

The special thing about Data Scientist is that its need is present in almost every sector. Where the demand for data is high. There is a good opportunity for them there.

What is the job of a data scientist

Data scientists are people who collect large sets of data. And this data is analyzed. In this process, the data scientist’s static, science and mathematics all work together. After going through this process, any data can prove to be important for a company.

India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani has called data the oil of the 21st century. In this way you can understand the usefulness of the data.

Data is important for every company. There is hardly any company in today’s world which is working without data and making profit. Data scientist is needed to do the whole process of this data and the salary of these data scientists is also one of the highest salary in the world.

Qualities required to become a Data Scientist

To become a data scientist, you must have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, economics, statics, etc. If you have a master’s or doctoral degree in your field, then your chances will increase even more.

Due to the increasing demand of Data Scientist, many educational institutes in our country are also offering BSc and MSc courses in Data Science. Which can be a perfect start to become a Data Scientist.

Available course in data science

We have already told you above that in view of the demand of Data Scientist in the country, some educational institutes of the country are offering BSc and MSc in Data Science. Data Science BSc is a 3 years full course.

Data science comes in the field of artificial intelligence, computer science and statics. To take admission in data science course, you must have a science stream in 12th standard. In which physics, chemistry and mathematics are the subject.

If you have studied computer science as an additional subject, then it can prove to be an advantage for you. You can study this course in our country as well as abroad. Because tech companies around the world are struggling due to the shortage of data scientists.

Apart from this, other companies including pharmaceutical companies and oil companies are also included. There is also a huge demand for Data Scientist at this time. Its future is bright.

Subjects like machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data visualization, python programming, mobile applications, operating systems are taught in the course of BSc data science. Entrance exam is organized to do graduation in the field of data science. Apart from this, your selection can also be done on merit basis.

The main entrance test conducted for data science in our country is SSU CET CONDUCTED BY SRI SRI UNIVERSITY, Jain University entrance test, amet of maritime education and training university.

Top Universities for Data Science course

Many universities in our country are offering Bachelor’s degree in Data Science. Some of which we tell you the names. Indraprastha Institute of Technology and Management New Delhi (IITM), Indian Institute of Hardware Technology Limited New Delhi (IIHT), Chitrakoot Institute of Computer Science Chitrakoot (CICST), APLL Center of Excellence New Delhi (APLL).

The annual fee of this course can range from ₹ 200000 to ₹ 500000. In this, you can also see a lot of difference according to the college and university.

After doing BSc in Data Science, you can also do MSc in Data Science itself. If you want better salary package then you should also do MSc in Data Science. About 50% of data scientists in India have MSc in Data Science. While the rest have graduated in B.Sc or are PhD holders.

MSc in data science

If you want to ensure your employment in the field of Data Science, then you should also do MSc in Data Science, for this it is necessary that you should have a degree in B.Sc Regular.

If you have any of the given subjects in B.Sc then you can do MSc Data Science. It is necessary to have a degree in BSc Computer Science, BSc statics, BSc IT, BSc mathematics, BE, BTech. In this course, your selection is on the basis of merit, the fee for MSc Data Science can be up to ₹ 120000 per year.

Some of the best colleges for MSc Data Science in India are National Institute of Technology Mangalore (NIT), National Institute of Technology Warangal (NIT), Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi (JNU), Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, University of Hyderabad.

data scientist salary package

If you have done MSc in Data Science, then you should also do internship along with it. As a pressure, you will get a good package only when your profile is strong.

The salary of a data scientist depends on which field and in which country you are working. But as a pressure, you can get an annual package of ₹ 511000 in the field of data science in the beginning. However, a lot depends on your profile as well.

If your experience is 1 to 4 years in the field of data science, then your package can be 770000 rupees annually. The salary you will get will also depend on how much and in which areas you are today, if you have knowledge of Python and other languages, then your salary can be more than ₹ 1000000.

If your knowledge is also in the field of Artificial Intelligence, then you can take your career to the next level.

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