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District court stop orders against Tik Tok by Donald trump

US President Donald Trump’s order banning Tiktok has been upheld by a district court of the Supreme Court. Donald Trump gave Tik Tok 45 days to tell you for information. And had said that either he should sell his business to an American company. Or close your business in America. However, now the District Court has stayed this order of Donald Trump.

Donald trump has accused Chinese companies of stealing data from US users. And share it with the Chinese government, Donald Trump says that this is wrong and should not happen. This would endanger America’s national security. That is why we are banning Chinese apps like Tik Tok, We Chat.

Recently there was news that Tik Tok could sell its business in the US to Microsoft or else Oracle. However Tik Tok denied these rumors. Expressions were also predicted by Donald Trump to benefit from the ban on Tik Tok in the US election. However, what will be the impact in the US election from the order against this new ban? This will also be a matter to be seen.



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