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Demand for Rahul Gandhi to make the party president again in Congress

There has been a demand for Rahul Gandhi to be the President of the Congress Party once again. In fact, the interim tenure of the current Congress President Sonia Gandhi is being completed in the month of August. And has once again demanded that Rahul Gandhi be made the president of the party.

Sonia Gandhi did video conferencing with Rajya Sabha MPs

Rahu Gandhi
Rahu Gandhi

Congress Party’s interim president Sonia Gandhi spoke with 11 Rajya Sabha MPs through video conferencing. And discussed the current conditions. Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhi attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party, saying that she had completely failed to stop the corona virus. On the other side, Sonia Gandhi said that the Bharatiya Janata Party is messing with the Constitution. Which is not good.

Demand for Rahul Gandhi to make party president

During this meeting of the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi was once again to be made party president. Demand for Rahul Gandhi to make party president was done by PL Poonia and Seel Sale Verma. These said that once again Rahul Gandhi should be made the President of the Congress Party.

Although Sonia Gandhi did not say anything on the demand of MPs. It seems that the Congress party can live for a few days and without any party president.

Let us tell you that in the coming days, there are having to hesitate in important states like West Bengal and Bihar. It would be interesting to see what the Congress party decides about the post.

Rahul Gandhi is speaking attack on government

These days Rahul Gandhi is very active on social media and is constantly nervous on the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi is constantly attacking the government about Coronaire and economics.

In this party meeting, the Opposition MP Ghulam Nabi Azad in the Rajya Sabha asked to create a list of issues for the Rajya Sabha session which is to be hoped in the Rajya Sabha. Azad also asked for a committee to solve.



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