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Daughter reaches court against father after losing in Ludo game with father

A strange sentence has emerged in Bhopal. What did a girl lose to her father in a Ludo game? The girl reached the family court against her father. According to the information, a father and daughter used to play Ludo games in Bhopal. During this, the daughter lost to the father in a continuous Ludo game. And now she has reached the family court.

After losing in the Ludo game, the girl went to a doctor for advice. When the girl told the doctor to lose in the Ludo game, she said that I did not expect that my father would beat me in the Ludo game. And my father beat me seven to eight times in a Ludo game.

When the doctor asked, what is the difference between losing in the Ludo game? To this the girl said that I hoped that Dad would not beat me in a Ludo game. As a father he should not have beaten me in the Ludo game. But they did. The girl said that when they beat me at the Ludo game, I looked at them. He was not making any difference. That I lost to them in the Ludo game. They should not have done this. The girl said that I almost lost my relationship with my father after losing in the Ludo game. He said that now I have no respect for my father.

After this, the doctor has counseled the girl. And his counseling still continues. The doctor says that his mental condition is improving. But still the girl is crying constantly.

The doctor says that this shows how far the distance has come in our society. And how much trouble has been created in the relationship. The doctor says that we should take care of our mental health as well. And love and respect should remain intact in the relationship. Which is not present in today’s society.



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