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Congress is rebranding Rahul Gandhi?

The Congress party is rebranding its leader Rahul Gandhi these days. This seems to be in view of the recent steps taken by Rahul Gandhi and the social issues raised by him.

Experts are assuming that Rahul Gandhi once again wants to stand up at par with Narendra Modi. And for this, the Congress party is rebranding Rahul Gandhi.

Recently Rahul Gandhi has raised almost every issue. So that Narendra Modi government can be surrounded. Many experts are hoping that Rahul Gandhi has been advised by the Congress party that, you raise almost every social issue. So that it can increase the reach of the Congress party among the people, at the same time it will also help in advancing Brand Rahul.

Congress is rebranding Rahul Gandhi

Rahu Gandhi
Rahu Gandhi

If you see for some time, Rahul Gandhi seems to be active in almost every political issue. And it seems that the Congress is rebranding Rahul Gandhi. For the information, let me tell you that for the last few days, whether Rahul Gandhi is petrol diesel issue or the matter of law and order in the country, Rahul Gandhi is seen raising every issue with his Twitter and Facebook account.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi brought a video series. In which he talked about the effects of the corona virus on the economy. And had accused the Narendra Modi government that the government had failed completely in fighting the corona virus.

Although Rahul Gandhi is constantly active on social media accounts in this manner, some Congress leaders are not digesting it. A section of the Congress believes that Rahul Gandhi is being harmed by Rahul Gandhi constantly attacking Narendra Modi. However, the number of people who believe that Rahul Gandhi is constantly benefiting from social issues is increasing.

The social media team of Congress is putting full emphasis

The Congress is currently engaged in rebranding Rahul Gandhi. And to support this, the social media team of the Congress is also seen standing together.

These days, the focus of the social media team of the Congress is entirely on Rahul Gandhi. And Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter are raising almost every issue through Facebook and YouTube channel. So that Narendra Modi government can be surrounded.

You can get an idea of ​​the branding of Rahul Gandhi from this point that, these days Rahul Gandhi is raising every issue through both Hindi and English mediums. If Rahul Gandhi tweets in English on an issue, he also tweets in Hindi later on the same issue. It is generally seen that Rahul Gandhi is not active on his Twitter and Facebook account for months. But these days every day Rahul Gandhi is posting four to five Twitter and Facebook throughout the day. In such a situation, experts are hoping that all this amazing work is from the social media team of Congress.

Rahul Gandhi is adopting a different approach on issues

These days Rahul Gandhi is adopting a different approach on any political issue. Earlier it was seen that whenever Rahul Gandhi used to raise the issue, then if BJP used to counter him. Then nobody used to answer that. But nowadays it does not seem to be happening.

If the BJP answers Rahul Gandhi on an issue, then Rahul Gandhi again raises that issue. And back to BJP. This has been happening continuously for the last several months. On Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter and Facebook account, you will mostly see the same issues which are directly related to the public. Experts are seeing this as a rebranding of Rahul Gandhi. However, how much this rebranding will help the Congress! It has to be seen.

Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi’s approach seems to be leaning towards Hinduism nowadays. All this is being done to challenge BJP’s Hindutva. So that the Congress can succeed in attracting the hardcore Hindus and young voters.

It is generally seen nowadays that Rahul Gandhi is not expressing his opinion on any such issue. Which gives rise to controversy. Most of the times, Rahul Gandhi is still avoiding making controversial statements.

Rahul Gandhi has left part time politics behind?

If you look at the last six Mahas, you will feel that Rahul Gandhi has now left part time politics behind. All this is amazing about rebranding of Congress. Rahul Gandhi continues to be active on his Twitter and Facebook account.

At the same time, he also brought a video series on issues related to coronavirus and economy. In such a situation, experts are hoping that now Rahul Gandhi has left part time politics behind.

It is usually seen first so that whenever elections came. Then Rahul Gandhi became active in politics. And after the re-election was over, they stopped raising issues of politics. But now Rahul Gandhi continues to be active in politics. And are constantly raising issues of social concern.

Rahul Gandhi is constantly in the news

It is a wonder of rebranding of Rahul Gandhi that he is constantly in the headlines these days. Rahul Gandhi is raising almost every issue. Because of which, they remain the center of discussion in the media.

This seems to be helping the Congress in creating a brand image of Rahul Gandhi. And if this continues for a long time, then Rahul Gandhi can also be established as a brand. In such a situation, one should not be surprised if Narendra Modi is challenged by Rahul Gandhi in the coming days. Perhaps the Congress party has now understood that the era is no longer part time politics. If you want to succeed in politics, then you will have to struggle for a long time.



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