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Conflict between Afghan security forces and Taliban continues, will peace talks fail?

After 18 years there was a hope of peace in Afghanistan. But now hope seems broken. In Afghanistan, the Taliban have launched a vigorous attack in Helmand province. After this attack, conflict between Afghanistan’s security forces and the Taliban continues. According to media reports, about 16 Taliban militants have been killed. While 5 soldiers are also reported dead.

Continues between Taliban and Afghanistan security forces. The conflict is expected to last for a long time. The United States is helping Afghanistan by air strikes in the ongoing conflict between the Taliban and Afghan security forces.

Is peace agreement will be broken between Afghanistan and Taliban

After 18 years of bloodshed, a peace agreement is being signed between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Qatar. For this, the round of meetings in Qatar is going on. In February, an agreement was reached that the Taliban would not attack. At the same time, no other jihadist organization will be allowed to reach areas under Helmand province and Taliban control. But now the Taliban seem to be backing down on their promise. In return, the US and other NATO member countries promised to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan within 14 months.

But it seems that now the agreement between Taliban and America will not be possible. And once again Taliban attacks in Afghanistan may increase.

Defense experts believe that there is an agreement between the Western countries and the Taliban, which was considered almost impossible anyway. But now this hope is completely broken after this attack. According to defense experts, the thinking of Taliban and Western countries is not found at all. Because of this, a peace settlement was almost impossible.

US military chief Scott Miller has condemned the attack by the Taliban in Afghanistan. He has said that the Taliban is violating the peace agreement in the month of February.

5000 families left town due to Taliban attacks

A fierce attack by the Taliban has sparked conflict between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban. Due to this, around 5000 families have left the city. Now he is forced to go to the neighboring city of Kandahar. Some families say that we do not even know if there is any place for us to stay or not. Some people are worried that the Taliban may die of hunger due to these frequent attacks.

In the same Helmand province and Kandahar, power has also been lost at this time. It will also be interesting to see how long it will take to restore power supply due to attacks by Taliban. At the same time, some telecommunications lines have also faced this attack of Taliban. This has also affected telecommunications services in Afghanistan.

After this Taliban attack, local hospitals say that dozens of injured people have been admitted there, who are undergoing treatment.



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