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Collapse Indian education system need revival

The field of education in India has been an area which has been neglected for a long time. Whether it was private or government education, both did not get any attention. And only and only on the collection of fees from students is taken care of.

At the same time, the government has also made a report in this matter. Although free education is provided in the government schools of India, but the quality of education is so poor that it is of no importance. And the private schools which provide good education It is impossible for the common man to teach his children.

However schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan have definitely been made. But these plans have nothing to do with the ground reality. The biggest problem of education in India is that education here has been treated like Khanapurti only. And this is what lays India behind the rest of the world in education.

When it comes to the comparison of India with the developed countries of America and Europe, India does not fall anywhere against these countries. Even now we are only in a position to compete with Bangladesh in terms of education. Which needs major improvement.

Improvement in education structure

Education system
education system

First of all we have to improve the structure of education. The entire structure of education is wrong. And whosoever is looking at it, he is engaged in preparing the food.

At the same time, there is a large amount of corruption in the field of education. Nowadays, what you see easily opens a B.Tech college. Which is a business degree. But the importance of this degree is no more than a waste paper. Any person can get a B.Tech degree. Which is a shameful situation. You give money and a BTech degree will arrive at your home.

There is a lot of fake degrees in India. And it has to be stopped. Otherwise, the entire education world of India will be divided. BTech College has opened in every street. And BTech students are wandering unemployed. Whether you have quality or not, but it is so certain that if you have done B.Tech then you will definitely remain unemployed. At the same time, Indian companies are constantly struggling with the problem of talent shortage. The talent that goes to foreign companies Google, Microsoft. And those who have acquired a low level of education remain in India. In such a situation, whether this talent is government companies or private companies is of no use. They have a degree. But do not have professional skills.

Emphasis on professional education

Till now we see that there has been a tendency to rote education in India. And there is still no improvement. However, the government is constantly emphasizing on improving education. But there is still no work happening on the ground. These conditions have to be rectified. It is usually seen that all you have to do is to write a few pages written in books. And you pass. If the same situation prevails, then we are far behind the world.

In countries like Bangladesh and Nepal, huge reforms have been made in education. In such a situation, why can’t reforms be implemented in India?

Usually an exam like b.Ed which is necessary to become your teacher. It contains heavy fake degrees. You can take the degree of b.Ed sitting at home. Whereas it is like a training training. But you do not need to go anywhere. You pay a lot of money and you will get a b.ed degree from home.

If these conditions are not rectified, the problem is going to increase even more in the coming years. At the same time, India will have to move towards vocational education more and more. So that the youth have to be prepared to work in advance. It just happens that the first student gets education. Which he only reads book pages. And after that he has to get experience in the field and we have to provide him with professional skills from the beginning of changing these situations. So that it can compete with the talent of the rest of the world. At the moment this does not seem to be happening in India.

Amazing cases of corruption in education

Uttar Pradesh, which is one of the most backward states of India. Amazing cases of corruption are being seen here. It was only a few days ago that a teacher was teaching in more than 20 schools simultaneously. And he also took a salary of crores of rupees from the education department. However later that teacher was caught

Now the Uttar Pradesh government is investigating the matter. And it is trying to find out how many teachers are there in Uttar Pradesh who have got jobs to teach in government schools in a fake way.

However, this investigation will also yield some results. This is unlikely, because corruption also exists here. In such a situation, the favorite people will be left. And those who do not pay money to big officers will be made scapegoats. This is a common practice in India.

Recently the exam was conducted for the recruitment of teachers in Uttar Pradesh. A student who had nothing to do with education topped this exam. And he was working as a laborer. This is just a hallmark of corruption.

At the time of Shivraj Singh government in Madhya Pradesh, the Vyapam scam was a matter of discussion not only in India but in the whole world. And hundreds of people were also killed in it. Whoever tried to open his mouth would be killed. The matter is still under investigation. But any investigation in this case will come out. Such an expectation is rare.

The state of Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, has the worst condition of education. Here you can see a government school or private eating fodder from these. It is not surprising that government schools or private buffalo are running in the enclosure. Which are made for money. At the same time, it is common for government schools to be flooded at the time of rain, and after that students are discharged. Two to three classes in each room are also common in India. We must improve these conditions.

Promoting Digital Education

The entire world is emphasizing digital education due to the corona virus. The same has happened in India. And here at least digital education has started. But this digital education is still incomplete.

Schools and colleges do not have infrastructure. So at the same time India is also struggling with slow internet speed. India does not yet have a video conferencing solution of its own. The Zoom app has been constantly accused of compromising on privacy.

At the same time, Internet and mobile access is also not accessible to all the people of India. In such a situation, the government should give cheap spectrum to telecom companies to provide cheap internet. This will allow internet access to the last student.

At the same time, a big problem is also emerging for smartphones. It is commonly seen that children in India do not have a smartphone. And they are deprived of doing digital studies. This problem is compounded when there is only one smartphone in the house. And there are more children studying. Usually, children are seen fighting over smartphones on the smartphone. Which has become a common sight in Indian families nowadays. We need to change these situations. But before that we have to increase internet speed. For this, telecom companies will have to invest. At the same time, the government will also have to stand with the telecom companies.

Poverty hinders digital education

There are still a large number of people in India who are living below the poverty line. Forget such a smartphone for such people. Getting food for two times is also becoming increasingly difficult. And their problem has increased in lockdown and corona virus.

In such a situation, the government should make such smartphones available for free. At the same time, the government can also provide subsidies on smartphones. It has also been observed that digital school education has started in private schools. But government schools are still backward in this matter.

Must reduce bag weight

Bags are very important in school education in India. And in every class, 10 11 book students have to read. And so much homework is also done. In such a case, the student remains buried day and night only and only under the weight of the bag. And they do not get any business skills. Now the time has come to improve it. And instead of bags for students, business skills should be promoted more.

However, it will all depend on political will. Also, the government will have to invest more in the field of education. It is generally seen that education in private schools and colleges in India is much more expensive. And it is out of reach for people living below the poverty line. But the government is constantly privatizing education. And the government schools and colleges that have survived. There is also a continuous increase in fees in them.

Delhi University of Delhi is a proof of this, here students had to perform for 1 year continuously. Because the government was asking to increase the fees in Delhi University. The students demanded that free education be provided to them. Because it is not a matter of paying their fees. And more than a quarter of the students study in Delhi University who are living below the poverty line. If the government of these students does not listen to them, then they will have no other way than to return home.

Filling vacancies in education

A large number of vacancies are lying in government schools in India. While the government does not pay any attention to filling them. You will be surprised to know that the number of students per teacher in India is more than Bangladesh.

At the same time, lakhs of teachers posts are also lying vacant. Which the government does not care about. Similar conditions exist for us college education too. The situation in colleges has now become that those who were formerly retired teachers. They are recruited back and taught. At the same time, the adhoc professor is being appointed. This is affecting quality in education.

You will also find such government colleges in India where only one or two professors are present. While students are in hundreds. How will these students be able to read in this situation? This is a matter of consideration. Talking about Rajasthan alone, around fifty thousand posts are vacant in government schools here. The worst condition of these is primary education.

However the government is claiming that these posts will be filled soon. But how long will it be possible to think? And the government does not have the answer to this matter.

At the same time, the position of government recruitments in India is also bad. If any recruitment is removed for school education, the recruits are hanged for four-five years. Heavy corruption is also present in the recruits. Those that need to be removed. Desired people are recruited. And capable people are out.

If any government recruitment goes out to the teachers of these schools, then it will be complete. There is no guarantee. The recruits are hanged for four-five years. And then later these recruitments get stuck in the courtroom. Maybe after 5 years or after 10 years you will know that this recruitment is now canceled. And you have to take the exam again. Nowadays this has happened in every recruitment case in India. And the recruitments have been completed. Even among them, the government is not giving appointments to the students.



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