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Cinema halls to be opened from this date

If you are still missing the cinema hall, good news for you. Cinema halls are coming back soon. However, cinema halls are limited.

People associated with the cinema world were constantly demanding the reopening of the cinema hall. Let us tell you for information that millions of people are connected with the cinema hall industry. And their employment crisis continues. Thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the closure of the cinema hall. In such a situation, there was constant pressure on the government to reopen the cinema hall.

Now the Mamta Banerjee government has taken an important decision to open the cinema hall. The Mamta Banerjee government has given permission to reopen the cinema hall from 1 October. However, for this, rules of social distancing have to be followed. Only a certain number of visitors will be able to come to the cinema hall. It may be that a spectator is left with a seat. This would mean that cinema halls would open at 50% capacity right now. It will be interesting to see how long the cinema halls will be open in the rest of the country. At present, this order will be applicable only for West Bengal.

The Central Government has given permission to states to set rules for coronaviruses. And the state governments are taking decisions according to the situation of corona virus here. For this reason, the Mamta Banerjee government of West Bengal has decided to reopen the cinema hall from 1 October.

Meanwhile, Ananya Pandey and Ishan Khattar’s film is being released on 2 October. The film named Khali Yellow will be shown in some open theaters where social distancing will be followed. However, it is being said that the film will be shown only in open theater located in cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

It is now expected that the rest of the state governments in the country may also take a decision on opening the cinema hall early. However, it is also being said that most of the state governments can allow opening of cinema halls with 50% capacity.



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