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China wants to acquire Taiwan at any cost

Disputes between China and Taiwan continue to intensify. Taiwan considers itself an independent country. While China says Taiwan is only a part of it. And China keeps threatening the whole world that if it stays away from Taiwan, the consequences will have to be suffered. Now the conflict between China and Taiwan has reached a peak. At the same time, Taiwan says that if there is any mistake in China, it will be given a strong answer.

Recently, China crossed the international border between Taiwan and China about 48 times a day. And his fighter jets were constantly hovering over Taiwan. In response, Taiwan also sent its f15 fighter jets to China to respond. Taiwan’s fighter jets were then driven out by Taiwan.

China can go to any extent to gain Taiwan

This growing conflict between Taiwan and China is also being seen as such, now China does not want to let Taiwan remain an independent country under any circumstances. China is constantly saying that Taiwan is a part of it. And that’s why China wants control over Taiwan. But this is not happening.

When China’s fighter jets were constantly penetrating the Taiwan border. Taiwan then objected to this. In response, China said that we do not consider any international border. And Taiwan is our part. China is constantly threatening Taiwan that we will do our part by taking military action at any cost.

China is ready to give autonomy to Taiwan

China is constantly assuring Taiwan that we will give you autonomy like Hong Kong. And will not interfere in any of your Democratic affairs. You will have a power of your own. But you have to assume our dominance.

China continues to cite the example of Hong Kong for this. When Britain gave Hong Kong to China, China promised Britain that we would retain its autonomy. And will not interfere in any kind of affairs in Hong Kong. However, China later broke this promise. And today China is interfering in Hong Kong in every way.

In such a situation, the people of Taiwan are no longer able to trust China. China is one of the main issues in the electoral issues of every time in Taiwan. And the parties tell the public what kind of relationship Taiwan will have with China.

China is continuously interfering in Hong Kong. And this is why there have been large-scale demonstrations in Hong Kong since 2014. In view of this, the people of Taiwan have now turned against China. The little sanu wisdom that the people of Taiwan had for China is no longer left.

To stop these demonstrations that began in Hong Kong in 2014, China insisted on a full AD peak. And there the force took full action. People of Taiwan were also watching it.

Democracy supporters win election in Taiwan

You can see the dedication of the Taiwanese people to democracy from the fact that since 2016, supporters of democracy have been winning in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s main Democratic Progressive Party. The simple principle of this party is that Taiwan is a free country. And no one has control over it. China is in conflict with Taiwan for this. China wants to oust the Democratic Progressive Party from power at any cost in Taiwan.

Before this, why the Meantong Party was in power in Taiwan. Which is called the Pro China Party. And looks at her relationship with China. Why Mintang Party’s theory is that China and Taiwan are the same country. And the two should live together. But now Taiwanese voters have rejected this. And handed over power to the Pro Democratic Party.

Taiwan President’s policy against China

The Sai Sai Wing of the Democratic Progress Party has been in power in Taiwan since 2016. He has a strict policy against China. And sees Taiwan as an independent country.

Taiwan is an independent country. And it does not accept the power of any country.

Taiwan does not accept the One Country Two system.

Taiwan rejects the possibilities of integration with China. And Taiwan will remain an independent country.

Taiwan will counter China’s aggression and provide a befitting reply.

Taiwan will force China to accept cross street status.

Recently there is a big conflict between China and Taiwan

The recent conflict between Taiwan and China is huge. Major US officials came to Taiwan. His intention to visit China Taiwan was to attend a tribute meeting of the former President of Taiwan. From sugar to boarded. China says that the US and Taiwan should end their relationship immediately.

For this, on 18 and 19 September, China sent its fighters across the median line. Which is the international border between China and Taiwan. On 18 and 19 September, China sent its fighters nearly 40 times for violating the international border. This was followed by the statement of the President of Taiwan. He said that China is adopting aggression against us. And he wants to promote war.

China’s statement also came on this matter. China’s Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that we do not consider any international border with Taiwan. China says that no median line exists between Taiwan and China.

This clearly shows that China wants to end international peace. And wants to make its relationship with Taiwan worse. Even before China has violated the international border with Taiwan. In March 2020, China sent its fighter plane j11.

Earlier in February 2020, Chinese fighter aircraft violated the international border. In response, Taiwan sent its F15 fighters to chase them. And said that we are ready to give a befitting reply to any attack.

Conflict between Taiwan and China since 2016

Never before has there been so much conflict between China and Taiwan. Right now the situation seems to be reaching a peak. Taiwan has intensified war preparations against China. In fact, as soon as the Democratic Progressive Party came to power in 2016, it opened a front against China. And declared Taiwan an independent country. After this, China seems to be constantly raging.

In Taiwan, when elections were held in January 2020. China then tried to hijack these elections. Propaganda videos were played on the Internet. And it was said that the Democratic Party is not right for you. However, his move could not succeed. And the Democratic Progressive Party came back to power again.



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