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China threatened India on the issue of Taiwan, playing with fire

China has once again threatened India on the issue of Taiwan. China’s official newspaper Global Times has written that India is playing with fire on the issue of Taiwan. Taiwan celebrates its National Day on 10 October every year. On the same day, posters were pasted outside China’s Embassy in India, congratulating Taiwan on National Day. This poster was put up by BJP leader Tejinder Pal Singh Bagga and he also tweeted a screenshot of it later. This is why China has threatened India. Experts in China say that India should think that they are playing with fire at the time of their relationship with China.

Earlier, a letter from the Chinese to the Indian media was written via email. It was said in this email that the Indian media should follow the long-standing One China policy issued by the Government of India. And stop supporting Taiwan. The objection to China is that the Indian media has consistently supported China’s independence of Taiwan. This has bled China.

Social media website Twitter in India was also seen #Trending congratulating Taiwan for its support and independence. On this issue, the Ministry of External Affairs of India defended the independence of Indian media saying that we However, as of now, there has been no statement from the Indian Government of India on Taiwan.

Let us tell you for information that the relationship between China and Taiwan is very bad these days. And China is constantly moving its fighter plane across the Taiwan border. China says that Taiwan is a part of China. In such a situation, they can take action and mix Taiwan inside themselves. Meanwhile, Taiwan President Sai In Wing has said that we are ready to have meaningful dialogue with China. There is a tweet by Taiwan. This tweet said that we support India’s independent media. The Indian media should only say one thing on these threats being given by China and let those things get lost. But from the South China Sea India-China border dispute and China’s relationship with Taiwan, it seems that a big challenge for democracy and freedom is facing in South Asia.



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