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Child marriage cases rising in India due to Corona virus

Another effect of corona virus is being seen. There are frequent child marriage cases in India due to the corona virus. It is not that child marriages did not take place earlier in India. But now the rate of child marriage in India has increased even more due to Corona virus.

According to the figures of UNICEF, every year 1500000 girls of child marriage are done in India. And now the corona virus has increased this pace even more. According to UNICEF, preventing child marriage during this period of corona virus also remains a challenge for the police.

Why child marriage cases are increasing in India

child marriage in India
child marriage in India

The Indian government is constantly trying to stop child marriage cases. But it does not seem to be successful in this either. Child marriage cases in India have increased even more due to the corona virus.

Actually, due to corona virus, now more people do not have to feed. And dowry also has to be given in small amounts. This is why people are getting their children married. And because of this, 15 to 2000000 girls in India are losing their childhood. And they are being forced to perform child marriages. In many cases, it has been seen that these children do not have any will. And child marriage is being done against the will of the children.

You will be surprised to know that India has the highest number of child marriages in the world. Nearly one third of child marriages in the world occur in India alone. And now the corona virus has increased this rate of child marriage even more.

What is the government doing to stop child marriage

The Government of India has issued a helpline number to look into cases related to child marriage and child crime in India. And this helpline number is 108. Support is available for you 24 hours on number 108. Despite the corona virus, this helpline number continues to work.

When you have a complaint and you do it on the helpline, then the team reaches you in 1 hour. And child marriage is prevented from happening.

It becomes very difficult for these teams to ensure that child marriages do not happen again after stopping child marriages. It is usually seen that the team children who stop child marriage are sent to the child improvement home. Where they are looked after. But officials say it is not so easy. We have to face many difficulties. Which comes during the stop of child marriage.

Child helpline number is continuously working well. But the increasing child marriage cases have created a new problem for these teams. And now they have to work more than ever. At the same time, due to Corona virus, there is a new difficulty in front of these teams.

Difficulties in child marriage cases increase when more than 1 state is involved in such cases. It is not easy to coordinate between the state police.

If you look at the number of child marriages after coronavirus, it is more than 17% to 20%. Which is a concern.

Other threats are increasing on children

It is not that only child marriage cases have increased due to corona virus in India. Rather, other threats are also increasing on children. Experts believe that child labor is also a major crisis in India due to Corona virus.

There are a total of 26 crore children in India. One crore of these children are pushed for child labor every year. Most of them are boys. Now after the lockdown opens, the danger of these children trafficking once again is constantly looming.

On the other hand, the risk of human trafficking is also increasing. Human trafficking of small boys and girls is continuously coming to the police. And due to corona virus, these cases are increasing more. It is generally seen that due to corona virus, the poverty level in India has increased. And parents sell their children for very little money. Later they have to face heavy difficulties.

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