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Challenges in the making of quantum computers, it’s importance in the field of technology

Scientists are speculating that due to the quantum computer, the world will change completely in the coming times. The quantum computer is much more powerful than the currently available supercomputers. And calculate billions in a few seconds. Which is not possible with the current computer.

Quantum computers in themselves function like a complete data center. The fundamentals in present-day computers and quantum computers will also be different. The computers that currently exist are based on bits. While quantum computers will be based on cubits. Which in themselves will be quite fast.

Scientists say that a quantum computer based on 40 cubits would be equivalent to the fastest supercomputer currently available. In this case, guess that if there is a quantum computer of 160 cubits, then it will be much faster than the supercomputers present.

Quantum computers operate on the principle of quantum physics. Currently available computers are based on zero and the same digits and can calculate both at different times. Whereas quantum computers do exactly the opposite. Quantum computers can calculate both zero and one separately or both simultaneously. This is why quantum computers are completely different from currently available supercomputers and ordinary laptops and desktops. It is going to be quite easy to accelerate the speed of quantum computer. Because as the number of QBits in supercomputers will increase. Their speed will also speed up automatically.

However, in the case of quantum computers, we have only reached the first generation of Aspas. In the coming 10 to 15 years, we will be in a condition to see quantum computers around us.

Currently big companies like Google IBM Microsoft and Alibaba are investing billions of dollars on the principle of quantum computers. Apart from this, countries like America China Japan India Australia are also investing billions of dollars on quantum technology.

When computers were initially manufactured. Then they were very large in size and required two to three rooms to house a computer. Separate air condition and other arrangements had to be made to keep them cool. But scientists have currently reduced the size of these computers to very small. A calculator or smartphone in our palm is also a computer in itself.

Scientists reduced the size of these computers to very small but its basic principle remained the same binary code. That is, these computers are currently based on zero and one binary code. In such a situation, there was no change in the fundamental principle of these computers. While quantum computers will be completely different from this.

What are quantum computers

Currently available computers operate on zero and one binary code. And both currently exist computers and supercomputers cannot simultaneously calculate. Whereas quantum computers can understand zero and a binary code simultaneously. In this way they are completely different from the currently existing supercomputers.

Quantum computers operate on the principle of quantum physics. The way in which a quantum can move upwards and downwards in any direction. In the same way a quantum computer can also perform calculations simultaneously in different directions.

Scientists are trying to build a quantum computer based on this same principle of quantum physics. Even the most difficult calculations currently exist can be solved by a quantum computer in about 220 seconds. At the same time, even the world’s fastest supercomputer can take about 10000 years to complete this calculation. In such a situation, you can guess how much faster quantum computers will be than supercomputers.

This is not the case with computers and supercomputers that currently exist. It can calculate in one direction and understand only the binary code of zero and one.

How quantum computers work

Quantum computers are completely different from present-day supercomputers and ordinary computers. Their way of working is also different from the present day computer.

The chipsets currently installed in computers. They are based on nanometers. The chipsets currently being used in smartphones are of 5 nanometers.

Recently it was reported that the American company IBM had introduced 2 nanometer chipsets. Which we can see in this smartphone in the coming time. Although experts are speculating that by the coming 2025, we will not be able to see 2 nanometer chipsets in the smartphone.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai on cloud computing and artificial intelligence

This is because a lot of technical skills are required to make them. And smart mechanisms are also needed. There is a need to invest billions of dollars in upgrading the machines which do not exist at present. In such a situation, there will be no 2 nanometer chipsets before 2025.

At the same time, if we talk about chipsets used for Intel computers, then they are based on 14 nanometers. Apart from this, chipsets like 18 nanometer 20 nanometer also come. The more nanometers the more computer and smartphone is slow. For example, 5 nanometer smartphones run the fastest. While chipsets with 10 nanometers run slower than that.

The current incoming chipsets operate in a particular circuit. There are many semiconductors in this circuit. That send messages to each other in a particular direction. All these messages are present only in a particular circuit and can send messages in the same direction.

While this is not going to happen in quantum computers. Quantum chipsets used in quantum computers will be able to send messages up and down in any direction. So that the speed increases even more. Quantum chipsets will not require a specific path to send a message. It will be able to send messages to its nearest quantum semiconductor. So that the computation can be done at a much faster speed by the computer.

Quantum chipsets are going to have a much faster speed due to being based on cubits. A quantum computer of 140 cubits will be able to function at par with the fastest computer currently available. While the number of cubitus can be in millions. In such a situation, we can not even guess about how fast the fastest quantum computer will be.

Countries are investing billions of dollars in quantum computer technology

America’s largest tech company Google recently introduced a quantum computer. Google claimed that it is currently several thousand times faster than IBM’s fastest computer, this quantum computer.

Google had claimed that even the fastest computer we currently have solved the calculation. It may take about 10000 years to do it. But we have completed this calculation in about 220 seconds. However, IBM has questioned this claim. IBM says that if some changes are made to our fastest supercomputer currently available, it can complete this calculation in just two and a half days.

Whatever the claims may be made, it can be believed that the quantum computer presented by Google can prove to be a milestone. However, this quantum computer presented by Google is still an experiment. It is not actually used in any business work.

The race for quantum computers has intensified. China announced last year that it would invest $ 10 billion to develop quantum physics and quantum computers. Earlier in 2018, the US Congress also passed a bill. And the amount was released for the development of quantum computers. At the same time, a new department for quantum computers and quantum physics has been established in India. Which will see the development work related to quantum computer.

On a personal level, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and large tech companies around the world are constantly trying to develop quantum computers.

Quantum has also invested heavily in the private sector for the development of computer technology. If we talk about the years from last 2018 to 2020, more than 500 million dollars have been invested in it during this period. However, much more investment needs to be done in it.

However, scientists are not yet able to say how long the quantum computer will be developed. As such, the private sector is still investing in quantum computer technology as a gamble. Scientists say that it still needs billions of dollars of investment.

Problem in making quantum computer

The easier we get the development of quantum computers. Actually it is not that easy. The biggest problem with quantum computers is that people do not know how to develop it. Currently, scientists do not have much information available about it.

According to a research, currently only 1000 scientists worldwide are trying to develop quantum computers. This number is very low in itself. The study of quantum computers has not even started at the same level around the world, to prepare new people for the development of quantum computers.

The method of computing a quantum computer is also quite different. It can calculate the code in any direction. In such a situation, creating a special code for this is also a challenge for the scientists themselves.

Talking about the year 1990, then scientists had said that it is impossible to build a quantum computer in itself. Scientists say that we want to build quantum physics on the principle of quantum physics. That is not really possible in itself. In such a situation, we cannot manufacture anything that is not scientifically possible.

The whole world is not building a quantum computer in unison. Different countries and different companies are trying to manufacture quantum computers at their own level. In such a situation, the construction of a quantum computer is not going to be so easy until there is solidarity.

A scientist knowledgeable of quantum computers says that IBM has been using quantum computers in its laboratory since 2016. But it still does not seem to have any significant benefit. Scientists say that IBM 3 is using quantum computers in its laboratory. But there are still no specific results of this.

The same scientists say that after the construction of quantum computer, how will it be used? There is also a big question on this, none of the present technology supports the quantum computer technology. In such a situation nothing is going to happen just by building a quantum computer. We also have to build an infrastructure that supports quantum computer technology. Which includes app movie videos and other ways of content.

It is possible that people connected to quantum computers have to create HTML JavaScript and any other language of this type for a quantum computer. Then it will be even more difficult.

Scientists are also facing problems regarding Quantum computer chipset. The chipset of a quantum computer is based on waves acting in any direction. In such a situation, making a stable chipset is a challenge for scientists.

Currently present chipsets work in one direction and in one circuit only. Whereas this will not happen with quantum chipsets. Semiconductors present in quantum chipsets can send their directions in any direction. In such a situation, make a quantum chipset that can calculate the correct figures in any direction. Is a challenge for scientists.

Why countries are paying so much attention to Quantum computer technology

Now the question arises here that why quantum computer is necessary for future? All countries around the world are paying special attention to quantum computer technology. And are investing billions of dollars. We have also told you above that China has decided to invest $ 10 billion for quantum computer technology. In the same manner, America has also decided to invest in this technology.

If any country makes the first quantum computer, then in the world of technology, that country can become a super power. You can understand this in such a way that any encryption that exists at present can be broken before a quantum computer can blink. In such a situation, security will emerge as a big issue for banking and other important institutions. The current online transactions and net banking will also be threatened.

In the same way, nuclear weapons and power lines can also be hacked in a few seconds. In such a situation, all countries want to acquire quantum computer first. It is possible that in the coming time, quantum computers will also control missile systems and security devices. In such a country, the quantum computer will come first. He can deface the weapons of any country.

Recently there was news that China’s power sector has been cyber attacked by China. This cyber attack was not very big. And it did nothing harm to India. But imagine if a quantum computer is not available with India and this quantum computer is available with China, then it can destroy the entire power sector of India in a few minutes.

Experts are speculating that wars will be ideological in the coming times. Experts are putting the possibility of a war in cyberspace in particular. In this case, quantum computer technology can play an important role in it. Breaking the currently existing encryption is becoming very difficult for the countries. But if someone comes to quantum computer, then he can break this encryption before blinking.

Apart from this, quantum computers are also going to play an important role in medical education and all other fields. To speed up the speed of trains or to control the air traffic less, only a few people can do it together by quantum computer.

Currently thousands of computers and thousands of people are required to handle this entire system. But this will not happen after quantum computers arrive. In such a situation, experts are speculating that the country which will come to quantum technology first. He can become the new super power of the world. In such a situation, you can think about how important quantum computers are.



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