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Central government is bringing second economic package, who will get benefit?

According to the media reports, the central government may come with a second economic package. For this, the central government is constantly sitting. But so far, the Central Government has not been able to reach a consensus whether to bring the economic package or not.

But if the economic package is brought, which areas will benefit the most? The same experts are also telling which areas for which this economic package can be released. Earlier, the central government had released 2000000 crore rupees. This was especially emphasized.

In the second economic package, people can be given a direct cash benefit.

economic package
economic package

Experts are assuming that if the central government comes with a second economic package, then this time money can be given directly in the hands of the people. At the same time, some senior leaders of BJP also believe that if the economic package is brought, then the central government will have to put money directly into the accounts of middle class families. This will increase demand in the economy.

Earlier when an economic package of 2000000 rupees was brought. At that time, the experts believed that the government should not give tax rebate to the industries and give direct money in the hands of the people. This will increase demand in the state. And in times to come, the economy will grow from this difficult period.

For your information, let us know that according to the recently released economic data, India’s GDP growth rate has come down to -30.9%. Which is the worst record of the last 70 years.

Government spending will have to increase

If the central government has to lift the economy again, then I will have to increase government spending, but experts are assuming that the government does not have much potential for it yet. Because in the first 3 months, the fiscal deficit of the central government has increased by 103% from its level. In such a situation, there is little hope that the central government will spend more government.

Recently, the Central Government had also refused to give GST money to the states. The central government says that there is no money available with the central government to give part of GST. With this, you can get an idea of ​​the economic situation of the central government.

According to a report published in the BBC, the central government can invest money in GDP by taking additional borrowings from abroad. Banks and other sectors can be supported for this. However, the debt on India will continue to increase. Which has reached its highest level in the last 10 years.

But experts say that the government should focus more on the emergence of the economy by not paying attention to its debt. This is more important for India’s economy.

A quarter of India’s economy may end

You can understand the crisis of India’s economy by the fact that one-fourth of the Indian economy may end forever. That is, it is a part of the economy that will never rise again later.

We are giving you an example here. Suppose someone opened a shop. And if that shop is closed then it will never open again later. The same is going to happen with small restaurants and 3 star hotels. If these hotels and restaurants are closed now, then there is no hope of reopening later.

According to a report recently published in the BBC, the unemployment rate in India has reached 9%. Which has broken the record of the last 45 years. In such a situation, the difficulties of India’s economy may increase even more in the coming days.

Who will get the benefit of economic package

If the government brings another economic package, then these people are going to benefit? It will be a thing to see. Experts are speculating that direct cash benefits can be given to middle class families. It also includes pensioners. Those who are given small pension by the state or central government. As well as those who have gone below the poverty line. Those people can also be assisted in the economic package. However, this time businesses have little hope of any kind.

This amount can range from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 5000. However, nothing is decided yet.

Jan Dhan account holders can also benefit from this economic package in the coming time.

Nyaay plan can be the basis of economic package

At the time of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress Party had promised that, if it comes to power, people can be given a direct cash benefit under the scheme of nyay.

Experts are now hoping that this nyaay scheme can be the basis of the new economic package of the central government. The Congress promised that every month’s income of every person would be ensured at least ₹ 12000. People whose monthly income is less than ₹ 12000. The Central Government will compensate him. The Modi government can also bring a similar plan.

If such a plan is introduced, it may see an improvement in the economy. And new employment opportunities may arise. There is also an increase in basic salary of the people. In India, it is seen that many people work in less than ₹ 10000 salary. In such a situation, these people are now expected to get more salary. If the central government brings economic package under the nyaay scheme, then it will be interesting to see now what kind of economic package the central government brings.



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