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Bliss movie official trailer released by Amazon prime video

Amazon prime video has released the trailer for another movie. The movie is named bliss. This movie bliss of Amazon Prime Video will be released on February 5.

The story of Bliss movie seems to be based on time travel. If you watch the bliss trailer on Amazon Prime Video, you will feel the same. The trailer of Bliss movie shows a couple who are trapped between two different worlds due to time travel. Later their fight continues in two different worlds and whose victory is later? This is understandable from the trailer of the bliss movie.

bliss movie official trailer

Talking about the star cast of Bliss film, this film has been directed by mike cahill. Talking about other actors, Salma Hayek, Madeline Zima, and Owen Wilson are going to be seen in the bliss movie. Once again, for the information, this movie will be released on February 5 on Amazon Prime Video.



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