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Bihar assembly elections, BJP may suffer due to Shiv Sena

Bihar assembly elections are coming closer. Political preparations have also intensified. Now Shiv Sena has announced that it will field its candidates in 30 to 40 seats, especially against Gupteshwar Pandey. Who raised voice in Sushant Singh Rajput case.

The Shiv Sena alleges that Gupteshwar Pandey has deliberately maligned Maharashtra. And we will now field candidates against them. However, Shiv Sena contesting elections in Bihar is nothing short of a bell for the BJP. Because both parties have the same vote bank.

Shiv Sena may be a threat to BJP in Bihar assembly elections

BJP and Shiv Sena have almost the same vote bank in Bihar assembly elections, both parties contest elections on the issue of staunch Hindutva. And if she describes herself as the protector of Hindutva, if the Shiv Sena fields its candidate in the Bihar Assembly elections, then it seems to be a direct loss to BJP.

Although the Shiv Sena does not have that much of a base in Bihar, but the Shiv Sena can contest the election as a vote cut. Which will harm the BJP. Both the parties have been continuously contesting on the issue of Hindutva while the Shiv Sena has a strong Hindutva image. For this reason, Shiv Sena seems to be benefiting. By the way, it will also be interesting to see in the Bihar Assembly elections whether this time the NDA gets a full majority because Chirag Paswan’s party Lok Janshakti Party has split from the NDA. The loss of this is being seen to the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Nitish Kumar can benefit from Shiv Sena

There is continuous news in the media that Chirag Paswan has separated from NDA not because of Nitish Kumar but because of BJP. The BJP is constantly seeking that Nitish Kumar be weak. And his party JDU won fewer seats. So that he can strengthen his claim to the post of Chief Minister.

Let us tell you for information that so far no BJP Chief Minister has been made in Bihar. And BJP leaders have been saying continuously that now our Chief Minister should be made in Bihar. Nitish Kumar is coming in the way of this. So if Chirag Paswan is separated from NDA. And he has announced that all the candidates will be fielded against Nitish Kumar’s party. This may cause damage to JDU. And it can get fewer seats in the assembly elections. In such a situation, if the Shiv Sena is contesting against the BJP now, the BJP is also seen to be at a disadvantage in the Bihar assembly elections.

Shiv Sena is important party in Bihar assembly elections for grand alliance

The Shiv Sena has also jumped into this fight between Nitish Kumar and the BJP. In such a situation, if Nitish Kumar was benefited, then it is seen. But its direct benefit seems to be happening to the Maha alliance, ie Tejashwi Yadav and Congress. In such a situation, if there is a slight dent in the BJP’s vote bank due to hard Hindutva, then the Congress and Tejashwi Yadav will definitely benefit. BJP and Nitish Kumar are engaged in weakening each other. In such a situation, it should not happen that the Grand Alliance gains in Bihar Assembly elections.

However, Nitish Kumar seems completely confident that this time too he will become the Chief Minister. Let us tell you for information that Nitish Kumar has been the Chief Minister in Bihar for the last 15 years. In such a situation, for the fourth consecutive time, Nitish Kumar wants to win the Bihar Assembly elections and become the Chief Minister. But the BJP also wants our Chief Minister to be made at least once. And BJP leaders are also saying this.



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