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Apple’s next big product launch Apple electronic car

US giant tech company Apple makes headlines worldwide whenever it launches a product. The US tech company is preparing to launch an electronic car out of the Apple iPhone. However, its preparation is at an early stage. Experts are saying that by 2026 Apple will launch its electronic car. Earlier it was reported that Apple may launch its electronic car even before 2026. But it has been pushed ahead due to some technical shortcomings.

Whenever the US tech giant launches a new product, it changes the entire industry. We have also seen before that when Apple launched its first modern computer. The computer world had completely changed by then. After this, the American tech company Apple launched the iPod. This iPod was easily accessible in one hand. The entire music industry was changed due to this. Nobody could have imagined that mobile phones can work from the touch screen. But Apple made it possible by launching its iPhone and the world of smartphones changed completely. Earlier we used to call the keypad phone as smartphone. But the world of smartphones changed completely after Apple launched the iPhone. In such a situation, experts are hoping that if apple launches a smart electronic car, then the world of cars can also change completely. It has been done before in other industries, it will be interesting to see how Apple’s electronic car is launched and with which features?

When will Apple’s electronic car launch

According to media reports, Apple may launch its electronic car by 2026. But still we consider some facts. From which we will know how long Apple can launch its first electronic car?

In an interview in 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that we are working on an autonomous system. Experts are hoping that this may be for the field of autonomous system transportation. This autonomous system can be used in Apple’s electronic car. Team Cook, however, did not say whether Apple was working on an electronic car.

Apple CEO Tim Cook then did not say whether Apple was working on an electronic car project. But we get even more information about the Apple car by the process of registration by the Department of Public Transportation.

In 2017, Apple sought permission from the California Transportation Department to test a self-driving car. Earlier in 2017, it was reported that Apple was testing its automatic system on an SUV car. This test was done around the head quarter of Apple.

Apple is hiring engineer to make electronic car

At this time, Apple had hired a lot of employees from Tesla, the world’s largest electronic car manufacturer. From this, it can be expected that Apple is definitely working on an electronic car project. This secret project was named Titan by Apple.

The employee working on Apple’s electronic car had told that Apple is working on a very exciting project. Apple is going to give a tough competition to Tesla in the electronic market in the coming time. It is expected that Apple will soon launch an electronic car in the coming time. This employee said that Apple’s electronic car will replace the entire transportation system.

When asked by Elon Musk about Apple’s electronic car, he said that when you hire more than a thousand employees to make your own electronic car, then it is not possible that you can keep a project secret. . This is a very difficult task.

Apple is patenting technology for electronic car

We learn more about the Apple car from its patent. Apple gets more than 1000 patents every year for its products. Recently, Apple patented a smart sunroof for its electronic car. In addition, Apple also patented smart sensors. This sensor automatically aligns the road. And instructs the smart car in that manner. So that the self-driving car car can run smoothly. Looking at all these patents, it seems that Apple may soon launch its own electronic car.

Tesla, the world’s largest electronic car manufacturer, launched its first electronic car in 2008. Then Steve Jobs also wanted to enter the electronic car market. However, he recently launched his iPhone model. In such a situation, he wanted to focus more on the model of his iPhone. Because of this Apple could not manufacture any of its electronic cars. However, now Apple is fully ready to launch its electronic car market.

Apple is investing in transport companies for electronic cars

Like its other product, Apple is investing in electronic and transport companies around the world to make the electronic car a success. Apple has recently invested $ 1 billion in China’s largest cab company. This shows that Apple is very serious about its electronic car. And it is being worked on.

Apple invested in China’s largest cab writing company to use the data it had. This Chinese company has data of millions of people. At the same time, it also has data on the trains running on the road and the problems encountered in them. Apple can use this data to make its smart automatic electronic car perfect.

Subsequently, Uber sold its China company. It is being said that Apple had entered into an agreement between the two companies. So that the data of more and more people can be obtained. Apple can use this data to improve its electronic car even more.

Another 2017 report tells us that Apple is working with a major Chinese company on making next generation batteries for electronic cars. Apple had acquired a startup in the US in June 2019 working on the technology of self-driving cars. The startup is said to have been acquired to increase technical efficiency even more.

Apple may launch its electronic car under a different name. For this, Apple is registering a large number of domain names. Which includes domain names like apple.co, apple.car, apple.alto.

Large scale manufacture of electronic car is difficult

Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, the world’s largest electronic car manufacturer, says that it is very easy to design a car. But it is more difficult to build and distribute any car on a large scale.

However, experts are also raising questions about whether this will happen to Apple. Experts say that Apple already outsources extensively to its iPhone. In such a situation, Apple can collaborate with other big automobile companies to manufacture their electronic car. This is not going to be a difficult task for Apple at all. The same Tesla makes all its own electronic cars. In such a situation, he is facing difficulties. However, it will be interesting to see now how long Apple launches its electronic car.

A report by private investment bank Morgan StanLee says that Apple can build all its hardware through outsourcing. While Apple can make software for its electronic car itself. Morgan Stand Lee presented this report in June 2020.



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