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America took a big step against China

Taking a big step against China, the US has asked it to close its Houston Consult Office. For information, let us know that China’s Consult Office is located in the city of Houston, USA.

However, no official information has yet been received about why the US has taken this step against China.

China accused of stealing intellectual property

Donald trump
Donald trump

At the same time, there are reports in the US media that the US has accused China of stealing intellectual property. And that’s why America has asked China to close its consult office. China has given this information from its official Twitter handle.

However, China has long denied allegations of stealing US intellectual property. But America is not ready to believe it. For information, let us know that China’s consulting office is in Houston city of America.

Smoke is rising from the consulting office

Some viral videos that belong to the consult office in China. Smoke is seen in this office. Looks like a video has been shot from above the building. And some paper cans and paper are seen burning in it. Houston police say we are not allowed inside the office.

But so far, no official statement has been made on this by the US. Let us tell you for information that the President of America, Donald Trump is constantly taking strong steps against China.

China expressed tough objections

After this move of America, China has strongly objected. However, it is not yet officially clear whether it has done so in China or not. But the news of this method is constantly going on in the American media.

Coronavirus worsens

The condition of the coronavirus epidemic continues to worsen in the US. And so far more than 146000 people have died in America. Let us tell you for information that US President Donald Trump blames the Corona virus on China. President Trump says he hid information about the corona virus disease in China. The whole world is paying its price today.

President Trump is now asking that he should not wear a face mask, but now he is saying that even if you do not like it before, you should wear a face mask. Recently, the US President was seen in the White House wearing a face mask. And these pictures became very viral on the media.



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