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Airtel commercially launched 5G in India !

Good news is coming for the users of India about 5G internet. Telecom company Airtel has done live testing of 5G network in India commercially. This testing has been a complete success. This is stated while issuing a letter in Airtel. Airtel has used 1800 MHz band for 5G testing. It is an exit band of Airtel.

Airtel has used Oppo Reno and Oppo Reno Find X2 devices for testing 5G. Airtel has done the 5G trial at a commercial site in Hyderabad. And has been completely successful.

However, how much internet speed was achieved in it? It has not been reported yet. Airtel used dynamic network for 5G testing. This means that 5G and 4G networks will be able to be used simultaneously. The way we are able to use 2G 3G and 4G internet now. 4G and 5G internet will also be used simultaneously in the same manner. Airtel has said this.

Airtel says that our testing has been completely successful. This internet works perfectly even at 1800,2100 and 2300 MHz. The special thing for the same internet users is that Bharti Airtel will need only software updates to launch 5G internet in India. And in any way, a different way network Bharti Airtel will not have to be set up. This will significantly reduce the cost of 5G internet.

Experts are saying that this technology will help in bringing 5G internet to the people without any additional cost to Airtel. Bharti Airtel has used 5G alone technology for 5G testing. However, in the coming times, Bharti Airtel can test this technology at 700 and 800 MHz as well. In such a situation, experts are saying that Bharti Airtel can provide 5G internet to 4G customers only.

However, it is being considered as a setback for Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio has developed a technology for the Internet. Which is much more expensive than Airtel’s technology. In such a situation, competition from Airtel is not going to be easy. Earlier Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio had said that after March we are ready to launch 5G internet anytime. However, now Airtel is seen moving ahead in the matter of launching 5G internet from Reliance Jio.

vodafone-idea also has all the resources for 5G internet. In such a situation, we can soon see the launching of 5G Internet in India.

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