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Air India plane crash pilot injured more than 40 people injured

Air India Air India plane has crashed. It is reported that the pilot died. At the same time, more than 50 people were reported injured. This plane of Air India was from Kerala under the Vande Mataram Mission, during this accident.

Some media reports have also reported the death of six people. However, what is true is yet to come out.

There were 191 people on this plane of Air India. Let us tell you for information that passengers were being brought from Dubai under the Vande Mataram Mission in this Air India plane.

Why Air India’s plane crashed

According to media reports, this plane of Air India has two parts. This plane crash is caused by sliding on the highway. Let us know for the information that at this time it is raining heavily in Kerala. And being a short run way the plane slipped on the runway. And fell into a 10-foot deep moat. The Air India plane crashed while it was preparing to take off.

DGCA gave orders for investigation

Meanwhile, according to media reports, DGCA has ordered the investigation of Air India plane crash. Initially, it is being learned that the plane crash is due to sliding on the highway. So far it has not been clear whether Air India had any other reason for this plane crash or not.

According to the media reports, the incident was so dangerous that the Air India plane was split in two. Let us know that this Air India aircraft belongs to Boeing Company. Which is one of the largest aircraft in the world. For this reason 191 people were on board. Let us tell you for information that the government is running the Vande Mataram Mission to bring people from abroad at this time. Under this, this Air India aircraft was flying. At the same time this Air India aircraft crashed.



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