HomePoliticalAfter India, Pakistan has also banned Tiktok.

After India, Pakistan has also banned Tiktok.

Looks like the bad days of tiktok are not yet over. After India, now Pakistan has also banned tik Tok. Pakistan’s telecommunications authority has accused Tik Tok of indecent and obscene content being served on its platform. The youth of Pakistan were being affected by this.

Let us tell you for information that before this India and America have banned tik tok. Now in India and America, you cannot play tik Tok. Now Pakistan has also banned tik tok on the charge of serving pornographic content.

However, it will also be interesting to see how long the ban on tik tok will last. Because there is a deep friendship between China and Pakistan, under pressure from China, Pakistan can lift the ban on tik tok. Recently, Pakistan was warned by tik tok. And said that he should stop serving pornographic content on his platform. But Tiktok failed to do so. Pakistan has banned tickets.

Ani has given information related to banning Tiktok on his Twitter account.



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